Fashion Jewelry

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Design  •   Handcraft   •   Perspex •   Swarovski

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For over 30 years we have been creating our Fashion Jewelry lines since 1986 an inexhaustible source of Design for the creations of Fashion Jewelry

Perspex is the Acrylic Crystal, a noble transparent and therefore pure material through which to reveal oneself and be seen

Unique models, the result of Italian artisan design and tradition, an oasis in the globalized market of recent years, for those looking for an unusual, original and bijoux fashion made with the quality of the past.

Successful marriage: the unique Perspex jewels with Swarovski crystal stones, thanks to the setting technique, give the magic of wearing a precious object. Seductive fashion jewels, capable of highlighting, in a play of lights and reflections, the movement of the wearer, stimulating the gaze of the beholder


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  • ARTISAN SKILLS We believe and promote high quality artistic manual skills so as not to cancel the value of the Italian tradition, the quality necessary to make our jewelry.
  • BIOCOMPATIBLE MATERIAL We love taking care of women’s skin: Perspex is totally hypoallergenic because it does not release any chemical substance. Swarovski crystals are under the lead-free Advanced formula. The silver and surgical steel for the earrings frames are nickel free.
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN Fiorella Adreani has been designing all lines for 30 years, intercepting the current fashion trends with her bijoux.
  • ITALIAN MANUFACTURE Adreani fashion jewels are entirely made in Italy, we never wanted to change direction because an Italian product never betrays.
  • FAMILY TRADITION The “Perspex” from the Latin Perspicio “I see through” has kidnapped us from birth is the family material imported from the discovery of the patent since the post-war period.
  • LIMITED PRODUCTION The classic models on the online shop are sold out, while every day a unique piece is born which we publish on Instagram in addition to the existing prototypes in the Atelier in Milan.
  • CUSTOMIZATION For each model it is possible to do the Fitting proud of being able to satisfy all women. You can also choose the color of the crystals for a sophisticated outfit to show off on a special occasion.
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