Vintage Bijoux

The author of History of Italian Fashion Jewels includes our company in the book as well as in the last book Jewelry in the Fashion System, with our cooperation with YSL .

History Italian Custome Jewelry- Skira edition
History Italian Custome Jewelry- Skira edition

We have been designing and manufacturing Fashion Jewels for more than 30 years nowadays most of our Creations are Rareness Vintage Bijoux

 Today we manufacture contemporary unique jewels with vintage materials for Elite Connoisseurs because TRUE LOVE LASTS FOREVER

Thanks to 3D tecnique we project small price fashion accessories for stylists and global distribution outlets.

Fiorella Adreani
I was twenty years old in the 80s after Study in Graphic & Design I started to create jewelry using
Perspex this innovative and fascinating material: a new patent acrylic glass imported in Italy
by my grandfather.
Concept of Jewelry as a Fashion Accessory was burning out; since then my lines have accessorized
women all over the world and cooperation with many international designer up to Tom Ford with YSL.

Gallery of Vintage Bijoux 80’first models created with pure acrylic crystal Perspex

freehand drilling for swarovski

The 90s  signs the goal of refining the technique to embed Swarovski  – a total handmade process thanks to the skill of our craftsmen

When I managed to refine the technique to embellish them with Swarovski I shaped models very
close to real jewels but with an ultramodern material.